No-Credit Loans - How to Obtain Finance

If you have only recently entered the financial market, you may have no credit - so loans will be more difficult to obtain. This can affect first-time buyers especially. When you haven't built up a credit rating, lenders may be unsure about paying out a loan. However, even if you have no credit, finance is still available.

In fact, there are many lenders that will be happy to pay out, if you have:

o CCJs.
o Defaults on previous loans.
o No credit.

Loans are available from numerous lenders. Indeed, you may find that sifting through all the information to find the right loan for you quickly becomes confusing and time-consuming.

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This is where a broker comes in. When you are looking for no-credit finance, a broker will act as your own personal shopper.

They will use their network of contacts in the loans industry to compare hundreds of different lenders. A broker will take a wide range of factors into account when looking for a no-credit loan that suits you and your budget. These include:

o Loan amount.
o Interest rates.
o Repayment terms.
o Arrangement fees.
o Terms and conditions.

A professional broker will search through the available loans quickly, efficiently and thoroughly - so you can be sure that they will recommend no-credit finance that is right for you.

While you may have no credit because you have yet to build up a credit rating, it may also be because your credit rating is particularly poor.

If this is the case, no-credit debt consolidation may be an attractive option.

It involves taking out a secured loan to pay off several existing debts. This will simplify your repayments and could also save you money, as the interest rates on a secured loan will be lower.

No-credit debt consolidation loans can also be found by working with a broker. Whatever the purpose for the loan is, a broker will be able to help and advise you throughout the application process.

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