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In one way, the Chase Bank Loan Modification is Chase Bank's way to reach out to home owners. It is helpful particularly when a home owner is facing hardship for the repayment of the loan. If the Bank officials think that a particular customer is eligible for the modification, then they ask for some additional required qualifications. The sooner the customer responds to the proposal, it is expected his/her approval gets quick acceptance and foreclosure can be avoided.

Having adequate knowledge can guide the customer to get the process done right. Nearly 2.2 million customers (i.e. home owners) are facing the problem of foreclosure because they are stuck in between the adjustable mortgage rate that a bank charges and cannot avail the benefit of refinance. Instead of feeling stupid, it is advisable to gather information about the insurer of the mortgage. Chase Bank can help in getting the information more quickly just may be in one phone call.

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If the insurer is Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, particular customers are lucky. These organizations can help the modification of your loan more easily. One can get the repayment option of just 31% of their gross monthly income. If the insurer is any other than Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, there is no need to worry. Chase Bank Loan Modification is there to help the customer in a great way.

The Chase Bank loan modification package is backed by the JP Morgan group and they are able to assist defaulters even if the loan is through a different organization. Chase Bank gives the option of repaying mortgages at 31% to 40% of a customer's monthly income.

To qualify for assistance, you must live in the house in question and it must be your first mortgage. Submission of all papers like pay stubs, tax returns and other relevant financial documents are required. On confirmation, the bank will notify the customer about the terms of repayments, next payment date and all other matters. As this bank doesn't enjoy any governmental help or funding, the repayment option is around 40% of monthly income, as mentioned earlier. Repayment burden may be a bit higher, but it is still a safe and better alternative than foreclosure and losing your home.

The bottom line: Modifying a mortgage is always a feasible substitute to deter foreclosure and the Chase Bank Loan Modification is a definite safe guard for your home.

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